Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab Services in the San Jose Area

Have you finished residential rehab, but feel like you could use more support? Or maybe you’re looking for a treatment program that fits with your work or school schedule? Support Systems Homes offers outpatient treatment at convenient locations in San Jose. Hours are flexible (daytime or nighttime) to fit your needs.

Our Outpatient Program

Outpatient treatment at SSH helps clients learn how to maintain long-term recovery and increase their quality of life. We empower our clients to achieve their life goals, and to improve connections with their families, peers, and communities.

Support Systems Homes offers flexible, multi-level outpatient rehab programs for clients who are stabilized in terms of their addictions, but who are seeking a less-intensive treatment option than a residential treatment program. This level of care is an excellent choice for those who work, attend school, or have similar commitments.

Outpatient Care in San Jose

A Continuing Treatment Solution

If you:

  • Have successfully completed residential treatment and are stable in your recovery, OR
  • Currently live at a sober living environment and need extra support, OR
  • Are unable to take time off work for treatment,

Outpatient treatment fits your schedule.

Feel free to call us and discuss your situation so we can determine what would be the best “fit" for you or your loved one. Outpatient treatment can be the perfect choice for those who work or go to school during the day.

Outpatient services are tailored to each client’s needs, as is the schedule of groups and individual sessions. Groups take place during the day and night, offering convenient choices. Outpatient care gives clients the opportunity to interact with clinicians and their peers in a real-world environment, while still benefiting from the structure of a therapeutic substance abuse center.

Why choose Support Systems Homes for your treatment? We’ve done this successfully for over 20 years. Our counselors are not only compassionate and highly qualified, but many of them have been through the treatment process themselves and/or are in recovery.

Our outpatient program is not only state certified, it’s been accredited by CARF since 2000, demonstrating a high level of conformance to rigorous quality standards.

Addiction Treatment Online

Looking for a treatment program you can do from home? SSH has added a “telehealth" option for outpatient clients. Using the Zoom for Healthcare platform, our counselors work with you online to go through treatment.

  • It’s the same 12-week outpatient rehab structure.
  • You receive the same assignments to complete.
  • You have the same counseling resources available to you.
  • You reach the same milestones in recovery from addiction.

This makes the SSH outpatient program ideal for those who cannot leave home for any period of time. You don’t have to postpone rehab – we bring it to you!

What’s Included in an Outpatient Rehab Program?

We provide all necessary evaluations and assessments to start you on outpatient treatment. You’ll develop an individualized treatment plan with us, identifying the achievable personal goals that will make your life better.

Our counselors facilitate educational groups and work with you one on one as well. We offer legal system advocacy, linkage to needed resources, such as job prep programs, discharge planning to ensure you have a solid plan for remaining substance-free, relapse prevention groups, and lifetime Aftercare groups upon the completion of treatment.

Most importantly, we act as your advocate, helping to support you in living a happy life!

Ready for Outpatient Rehab? Call SSH to Start Today

If you’re researching addiction rehabilitation options and live in the San Jose Area, please contact Support Systems Homes to discuss outpatient care at 408-370-9688.